Beautiful enjoyment of your body!

Do you suffer from stress and inability to enjoy cozy moments? Do you feel a little self confidence and that's why you are not sucessful at work? Inability perceive our body could influence a lot of factors of life. Tantra could be the most effective way to lifting up your physical and mental condition using very pleasant methods. Tantric massage is not doing for shallow sexual satisfaction, because this is even better! The issue is that energetic massage lossens all your spiritual and bodily potential, whitch you can more use then. Choose magic tantra massages, using technology developed by physiotherapist and founder of massage studio „Milé masáže s úsměvem“ Josef Hejná, and live out magic moments. During them you get to know yourself in different way. Get to know better with your partner or come at session as a solitaire!


Tantric massage at total darkness or for definate parts of body

Tantric massages are doing with essential oil, which is spread at body by special slow movement, which lossen energetic centre in your body and lift up your mental condition. Result of magic tantric massage is incommutable erotic experience and improvement your health, but it is also goood cognition of own body and primarily, you learn how to take care about yourself! Choose from our offer ofmassages for individual, for example honey or rose therapy or tantra methods specialized in back, prostate, heart and others. You can visite us anuytime also with your partner. You will know each other better after our tantric massage at absolute darkness or after hugging and stroking therapy. And why choose this centre for unique Magictantric massage?


What can you expect?

  •  unique magical method, which brings you unexpected experience
  •  certificated as real tantric massage
  •  fashionably arranged studio with pleasant lighting and decoration evoke privacy and closeness
  •  qualified masseurs, you can meet them at our web page
  •  the issue is that we make professional tantric massages
  •  no sex, no amateurish stroking to and fro, we are the best massage studio
  •  use our special offer and become a member of VIP club!
  •  wide choice oftantric massages for individual, chance of personal development
  •  live out once-in-a-lifetime experience thanks to method of magic tantra!


Ask us

Aren't you a hundred per cent sure about tantric massage, can't you decide if come to our studio? Don't be shy to ask us for advice. Except for massage we offer also entrance consultations, so we are able to give you some advice, about suitable methods for you. Do not come at blind massage and choose with ustantric therapy, which you will love from start to finish. Trust professionalism and tact!


Our mission

Offer the most beautiful massages in the world. Tantric massages are tools for work with human body. Using them we pursue school of High intimacy and sexuality, where we teach how manage relationships based on love and avoid incessant but senseless break-ups