Body tantric massage

Do you know the feeling that somebody is fond of you? That he accepts you, that he understands you, that you are surrounded by love? Thai body massage brings you this feeling. Thai body massage is beautiful and intimate. Using intimate atmosphere this massage approximates to our another massage Tantra II, called affectionate. Equally gorgeous, equally exciting, exotic touches and complete utilization of sexological reflexology.

Course of body massage

Body tantric massage is fantastic, because our masseuse massage you not only by hands, but also with whole her body. Which means elbowes, calfs, thighs, tummy and even bottom! Totally amazing experience. You have not gone through something so beatiful yet.


2 hours 150 Euro
2,5 hours 200 Euro

Mentioned prices are for VIP clients with registration. For registration you need: - phone number from the Czech Republic - tell us your age category - tell us your e-mail

Look at web page of our massage studio, at all variants magic tantric massage, which we offer.

Options to magic tantric massage: Magic tantric massage, Taoistic, Neotantric, Curative massage.

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