Magic tantra

Magic, how tantra will help you

Have you got strange feeling, that you can never relax? Order magic tantric massage and let us take care of it. You have to do nothing, your beautiful feelings after massage are our work!

Course of massage

Everything is simply. Your body is divine and it has real liberty of expressing. You are forced to do nothing. Magic tantra has only goal: Your feeling like "Oh my God, this massage was excellent!" The rest does not matter.


2 hours 120 €
2,5 hours 150 €
3 hours 180 €
3,5 hours + prostate 200 €
3,5 hours + head 200 €

Look at web page of our massage studio, at all variants (cs) magic tantric massage, which we offer.

Options to magic tantric massage: Taoistic, Body-massage, Neotantric,
and Curative massage.

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