Curative tantra

Our studio makes the most beautiful massages in the world. For us massages are tools for intelligent work with human body. Older people should be more satisfied and happy, because we have matured and we are able to accept life in his real form and even like it. This is heart of tantra.

Course of massage

The newest researches magnetic resonance of brain confirm effectiveness of treatment with touches during tantric massage. Medicine confirm that most of diseases are psychosomatic. Prevention of right access to our body is crucial to healthy style of life without daily stress.


4 hours 160 Euro
1 hour consultation 20 Euro

Mentioned prices are for VIP clients with registration. For registration you need: - phone number from the Czech Republic - tell us your age category - tell us your e-mail

If you need, you can combine Magic tantra with consultatios. For clients of curative massage or as first meeting before your Magic tantric massage.

Additional massage to Magic tantra:
Amazing pearl massage.

Offer of massages(without teaching):
Magic tantra, Taoistic, Neotantric, Body-massage.

Phone: 608000500