During tantric massage your body feels gorgeously, it is calm, but excited. Pyche relax. Neotatric massage connect your mind in order to you have more beautiful experience and you would be able to live out the ecstasy. Wilfully excitement from existence of your body.

Course of massage

Unlike tantric massage, where are no words, neotantric massage use comunication and the client becomes involved! Neotatric massages are tantric massages for advanced!

Price of massages

2 hours 120 Euro
2,5 hours 150 Euro
3 hours 160 Euro

Mentioned prices are for VIP clients with registration. For registration you need: - phone number from the Czech Republic - tell us your age category - tell us your e-mail

Look at web page of our school of High sexuality and intimacy and also at all variants of neotatric massages, which we offer.

Options to magic tantric massage: Magic tantra, Taoistic, Body massage, Curative massage.

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