Taoistic tantra

It is a magic, how tantric massage helps you.

Both TAO and tantra have a same goal, they make human to feel gorgeously. The same goal, but different ways. Taoistic massage is fast, it loosens energy of body using fast movements compared to tantric massage, which uses slow strokes.

Course of tao massage

Our body is burned by desire, you feel amazing rubbing, stretching, brushing and a lot of more nice feelings.

Price of massage

2 hours 120 Euro
2,5 hours 150 Euro

Mentioned prices are for VIP clients with registration. For registration you need: - phone number from the Czech Republic - tell us your age category - tell us your e-mail

Moral philosophy of Tao (tao=way). Key concept is Wu wei, so no active actions – human should become a container where tao flows. The key to ethics Tao Te Ching is afreeing of handcuffs. Because soft is overcoming brutal. „Human is superintended by land, the land by sky, the sky by tao, and tao is superintended by itself.“

Options to Taoistic massage: Magic tantra, Body masssage, Neo-tantric massage, Curative massage.

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